Your hiring and performance management training ally.


Who are we?

PRsPectives is a nationwide company. Our integrated approach combines hiring and performance management training.

Our Goal is focused on our clientele’s success by providing them with unique, customized tools and services developed especially for them.

The Performance Management Continuum concept facilitates the optimization of team management, leadership and the quality of their hiring through our focus on team dynamics.


Our clients

Our services are aimed at any company, small, medium or large. They can be used à la carte or integrated into customized packages.

We have developed an expertise in several markets, for example: the Canadian Pharmaceutical Industry, various Manufacturing Sectors, Hospitality Markets, Agricultural & Agro-Food Sectors, Financial Institutions, Aeronautics, Government Organizations and many small businesses with less than 50 employees.


Via the patented method of the Hire Results Ltd.

Performance management training

Via the tools of M3i Supervision.


Discover the art of hiring & performance management.

Our blog is 25 years of experience and expertise bundled in simple to read format. A valuable resource to optimize your future hires.

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What do the purchase of a car and the hiring of a candidate have in common?

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A paradigm shift in the management of human issues in teleworking.

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Our integrated approach

The Performance Management Continuum

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