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PRsPectives reduces risks associated with hiring and enhances team dynamics

Hiring is a unique opportunity to improve team dynamics, thus creating an even more efficient team.

However, hiring also proves to be a significant risk (both for the candidate and for the company), having potentially damaging and costly consequences when hiring the wrong candidate in the wrong role.

As a result, PRsPectives aims to maximize the results of its clients through the Performance Management Continuum.


The Performance Management Continuum :

Diagnostics of Current Team Dynamics is the foundation to performance management.

Through innovative Hiring processes and Training, we contribute in optimizing the mobilization of teams and performance enhancement.

  • Identification of “Fit” related to Team Dynamics.
  • Identification, selection and hiring of the right candidates that will contribute to the company’s success.
  • Support for new employee integration.
  • M3i training in team management and leadership for managers.

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Two basic premises

Our vision and interventions are focused on team dynamics and guided by two basic premises.


The optimal team profile is demonstrated by a total performance greater than the sum of the individual performances of its members.


There is very little relationship between the candidates’ performance in interview versus their actual ability to perform in the key tasks of the job.


The perspective of two approaches

The perspective of our two approaches through Hire Results Ltd and M3i Supervision enables a powerful process contributing to the improvement of the Continuum of Performance Management.

Hire Results Ltd.

Hire Results Ltd has developed a unique, patented concept to objectively measure candidates’ real ability to perform in key job-specific tasks.

This approach remains independent of the interview results but proves to be complementary to them, as well as to the information gathered in the CV or psychometric scores.

We say by analogy that it’s like doing a test drive of candidates before hiring them.

M3i Supervision

The M3i Supervision training program offers in addition to supervision training, practical and diagnostic tools of team dynamics and maturity.

M3i is committed to providing accredited training, supported by practical in the Field coaching in order to adapt its training to the real needs of the participants.

This method provides many tools and solutions to real-world situations faced by managers.

The Art of Hiring and Performance Management

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