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Hire Results Ltd. has developed a unique, patented concept to objectively measure the candidates’ real ability to perform in key job-specific tasks.

This approach remains independent of the interview results but proves to be complementary to them, as well as to the information gathered in the CV or psychometric scores.

We say by analogy that it’s like doing a test drive of candidates before hiring them.

In this analogy of the purchase of a vehicle, the CV would correspond to the technical sheet included in its promotional sheet, the interview would correspond to the interviews with the sales person and the psychometric tests would correspond to the reviews published by independent experts.

These three elements do not exclude the importance of a test drive in the purchasing decision process, to ensure that the car meets your expectations and your driving preferences.

The need for a test drive also applies to the candidate selection process and allows you to make a more informed decision.



The Hire Results Hiring Simulation Assessment Process allows both parties (Hiring Team and Candidates) to access significant information that would not be available through any other process, permitting them to test drive each other in order to make the best-informed decision relative to their needs. The risks of error associated with their decisions are thus significantly reduced.

The entire information gathered, in a logical and objective way throughout the selection process, is managed by a web platform that allows the integration of a global and equitable vision of all stages of the evaluation process, for all candidates.

A customized approach offers the flexibility to adapt the tools and processes that our clients already have in place and integrate them into our global weighted management process in order to promote the best candidate choice.

The Perspective of these two approaches Hire Results Ltd. and M3i Supervision , allows the development of a powerful process, thus enhancing the Performance Management Continuum, through our vision based on the 2 premises mentioned above and on the optimization of team dynamics.

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